The Good Word Of The Day

Friday, August 14, 2009


armor boots shield and sword protected

get infected


im in here like im the real deal

shock you so hard like an electric eel

breakfast lunch dinner the bible is my meal.

no need to hussle cause i don't deal

i just peal wheel and cheell

God on my side so whos tryin to bang

word so sick and orange like tang

used to be best friends with a kid named kang

these lyrics coming out no need to sang

or sag low cus im always up

thats whatsup

holy water in my cup

barking so loud like a mug

lug-gage full so im ready to explores

bible needs to be spread so no stayin in doors.

Dear Obama Squad

Another Czar, politics gone wild,

makin laws like Egypt kill a child

This is hotsauce way past mild,

Got x-files looking unfilled,

liars on Tv hard to keep a straight face

Holy discernment flowing like I got mace

Jesus what we need not a bird or a plane

Obama are you serious, sike he's insane,

not a high school graduate but its plain

not pizza no peperoni or mushrooms

allowin guy on guy to be grooms

These cats are goons

like they're praying to Neptune

Hell is real hot im reading your fortune.

Jesus is the Lord

Jesus is the Lord
from him we're one accord
like a cord we are connected,
processing thoughts, and we are reconnected
Nothing with him is too hectic
like a rain bow with a promise
this hold ghost is better than hooked on phoenix
not a bluff with God, a promise
His love for us is chronic
even Nuclear warfare we are protected
Amazing grace undoublty perfected
training the saints who are elected
shield and armor we are profected
like missing sheep not neglected
our Shepard goes out and we are collected.


Chrisannes the Mom
while Daves the bomb
Daniel with hair not able to comb
Dawnie still sucking her thumb
Dad watches & plays golf
if you give him a tee, balls off
Britney stays saying roff
healthy + beautiful means no coughs
so this is my family step by step
Holman name yes we have to rep,
ublican belief in God we trust
affording and boarding is a must
we stay blessed no cust
this my family so fly no rust
one body with Jesus cus he is the boss.