The Good Word Of The Day

Sunday, August 23, 2009


imagine waking up with your girl missing
not talking trash or dissing

if it was the rapture would u make it
if it was time would you have faked it

wake up to a new world order
undressed alone no border

line after line awakin
ready off lets go second commin

jesus beloved no more hunting
no more waiting

its time to take your destiny by the throat
not old testament killing a goat

new testament jesus the only way
no your way god's way

take it

One Way

Boomin with the baptism

I am a Christian ism

This is not a game this is real life

so turn up your ears to hear the hife

God on my side like my wife

always looking up no need to trife

yeah look good feel good

hood rats love it too

Jewish Christians got it too

Yes I love the Lord

High up in the Ford

Blessed never feeling Bored

Just steadily movin forward

Hidden lyrics i got a horde

Yes i love the Lord

Heaven i'm comming toward

Jesus Junky Juicy Poured

Super powers sky soared

another touchdown yes i scored

secret rhymes i keep em stored

Yes thats my word

J cut emblem with a sword

No need to get zoro'd

And once again I love the Lord

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flip on the tele

Flip on the tele
rock from left to right your belly

this is holy rap
cleaner than tap

demons frontin then they fade
Obama trying to steal medacade

5000 angels ready to start war, could
the devil bring it on i really wish you would

he's hiding cause he knows whats coming
he's hiding cause he knows about the second coming

Our God is so great

Our God is so great
so whats with all the hate
drug dealing stealing terrorism check and mate
yeah these are fight words im trying to start a debate
with his gentle words all was create

So im lyrically perfect
not trying to change the subject
this is Jesus Christ speaking through me like HD or DIRECT
But props to the master because 3 days then he ressurect
God started this ship ride not I so who's on deck

King of the Jews King of peace
prince of the universe never to be cease
Tythe 10 percent just a fraction to be release
love from an uncle like to a neice
free holyness not on a lease

This leash is holding him back so he can be worldy known
time is running out it's almost time to come home,
this home we live in now is just a taste get in through your dome,
In heaven we'll treat our domes with heavenly combs,
never ending kingdom to search and roam

Christian Freestyle

Jesus is Our Salvation: Revalations Coming Soon

Young Disciple Christian Freestyle Confession

bigZack A milli rap Video christian freestyle hip hop

Friday, August 14, 2009


armor boots shield and sword protected

get infected


im in here like im the real deal

shock you so hard like an electric eel

breakfast lunch dinner the bible is my meal.

no need to hussle cause i don't deal

i just peal wheel and cheell

God on my side so whos tryin to bang

word so sick and orange like tang

used to be best friends with a kid named kang

these lyrics coming out no need to sang

or sag low cus im always up

thats whatsup

holy water in my cup

barking so loud like a mug

lug-gage full so im ready to explores

bible needs to be spread so no stayin in doors.

Dear Obama Squad

Another Czar, politics gone wild,

makin laws like Egypt kill a child

This is hotsauce way past mild,

Got x-files looking unfilled,

liars on Tv hard to keep a straight face

Holy discernment flowing like I got mace

Jesus what we need not a bird or a plane

Obama are you serious, sike he's insane,

not a high school graduate but its plain

not pizza no peperoni or mushrooms

allowin guy on guy to be grooms

These cats are goons

like they're praying to Neptune

Hell is real hot im reading your fortune.

Jesus is the Lord

Jesus is the Lord
from him we're one accord
like a cord we are connected,
processing thoughts, and we are reconnected
Nothing with him is too hectic
like a rain bow with a promise
this hold ghost is better than hooked on phoenix
not a bluff with God, a promise
His love for us is chronic
even Nuclear warfare we are protected
Amazing grace undoublty perfected
training the saints who are elected
shield and armor we are profected
like missing sheep not neglected
our Shepard goes out and we are collected.


Chrisannes the Mom
while Daves the bomb
Daniel with hair not able to comb
Dawnie still sucking her thumb
Dad watches & plays golf
if you give him a tee, balls off
Britney stays saying roff
healthy + beautiful means no coughs
so this is my family step by step
Holman name yes we have to rep,
ublican belief in God we trust
affording and boarding is a must
we stay blessed no cust
this my family so fly no rust
one body with Jesus cus he is the boss.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Faith For You and I

the harder i seek u
the closer i grew

with abundant love
from Jesus above

don't doubt the spirit
as if you can't hear it

flood gates bestows
my love yes he knows

the tenderest touch
not less or too much

a free gift shown
you can seek and be known

alone all i need
you spare me from greed

a promise so sweet
from my head to my feet.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Obama Considers “Military-civilian” Prison System for Suspected Terrorists

Obama Considers “Military-civilian” Prison System for Suspected Terrorists

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August 2, 2009

“The Obama administration is looking at creating a courtroom-within-a-prison complex in the U.S. to house suspected terrorists, combining military and civilian detention facilities at a single maximum-security prison,” the Associated Press is reporting.
featured stories Obama Considers Military civilian Prison System for Suspected Terrorists
featured stories Obama Considers Military civilian Prison System for Suspected Terrorists

The Leavenworth prison was established in 1895 and currently holds 2,000 inmates.

Administration officials said the new prison will be set-up at a soon-to-be-shuttered state maximum security prison in Michigan and the military penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The AP reports the “courtroom-within-a-prison complex” will be for “the 229 suspected al-Qaida, Taliban and foreign fighters now jailed at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba,” that is to say the dirt farmers and cab drivers abducted and held in violation of international law for nearly a decade.

“As many as an estimated 170 of the detainees now at Guantanamo are unlikely to be prosecuted. Some are being held indefinitely because government officials do not want to take the chance of seeing them acquitted in a trial. The rest are considered candidates for release, but the U.S. cannot find foreign countries willing to take them. Almost all have yet to be charged with crimes,” the AP continues.

Fort Leavenworth Prison has a population of nearly 2,000 people (with a capacity of 1,197).

It is not explained if the current population — consisting largely of gang members from the likes of the Aryan Brotherhood, Bloods, Crips, and the El Rukns — will be moved and the prison dedicated to housing “terrorists.” The Standish prison in Michigan holds 4,600 inmates.

The Obama administration and the AP do not explain why two prisons with the capacity to hold nearly 7,000 prisoners are required — that is unless they plan to abduct a few thousand more people.

Since the false flag attacks of 9/11, the government has increasingly portrayed the terrorist threat as coming from “white al-Qaeda” (consider the current case in North Carolina) and “rightwing extremists,” as characterized by the Department of Homeland Security.

“The facility would operate as a hybrid prison system jointly operated by the Justice Department, the military and the Department of Homeland Security,” notes the AP.