The Good Word Of The Day

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Sermon In A Song


All time favorite.
I have a few of his DVD's and I'm also glued to the tele when he's on.

That weapon that can't be stopped.

Can't be tamed.

That weapon is your tongue.

Did you know, that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the entire body.

Size for size it's the strongest muscle.

You want to know why?

Your tongue is the strongest muscle in the body because it does the most exercise.

It gets the most work.

So use it to protect yourself against invaders, both foreign and domestic.

And use it to server others.

What can you say to lift someone else self work.

You can identify when someone doesn't feel so good about themselves.

Help them out, like...

"The storm is always passing"

Or find something you can say, to help someone to feel better about themselves and you intentionally find something to say that's good about yourself.

There is a reason you are here and you have tremendous power to change the world, not only but your world.

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