The Good Word Of The Day

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Refreshingly Sharing The Love Of Christ

I want to confess with my mouth. Prayer Topic: strength

i know i haven't lived a perfect life free of sin,
tricked + decieved by satan and myself.
I want to know you more,
I need you god.
I need you more than anything else.
In these times,
i need you to speak through me,
to spread your good will,
to show the others the way through me and all other christians fighting your battle.
Dear lord, please bless those who search for your word,
Help my unreligious friends + foes to see you lord,
I cannot leave them here on this earth lord
i want everyone to meet us up in heaven.
Help me to put on the full armor of god,
protect thy enemies + thy loves
in jesus name i pray,