The Good Word Of The Day

Sunday, August 23, 2009


imagine waking up with your girl missing
not talking trash or dissing

if it was the rapture would u make it
if it was time would you have faked it

wake up to a new world order
undressed alone no border

line after line awakin
ready off lets go second commin

jesus beloved no more hunting
no more waiting

its time to take your destiny by the throat
not old testament killing a goat

new testament jesus the only way
no your way god's way

take it

One Way

Boomin with the baptism

I am a Christian ism

This is not a game this is real life

so turn up your ears to hear the hife

God on my side like my wife

always looking up no need to trife

yeah look good feel good

hood rats love it too

Jewish Christians got it too

Yes I love the Lord

High up in the Ford

Blessed never feeling Bored

Just steadily movin forward

Hidden lyrics i got a horde

Yes i love the Lord

Heaven i'm comming toward

Jesus Junky Juicy Poured

Super powers sky soared

another touchdown yes i scored

secret rhymes i keep em stored

Yes thats my word

J cut emblem with a sword

No need to get zoro'd

And once again I love the Lord