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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our God is so great

Our God is so great
so whats with all the hate
drug dealing stealing terrorism check and mate
yeah these are fight words im trying to start a debate
with his gentle words all was create

So im lyrically perfect
not trying to change the subject
this is Jesus Christ speaking through me like HD or DIRECT
But props to the master because 3 days then he ressurect
God started this ship ride not I so who's on deck

King of the Jews King of peace
prince of the universe never to be cease
Tythe 10 percent just a fraction to be release
love from an uncle like to a neice
free holyness not on a lease

This leash is holding him back so he can be worldy known
time is running out it's almost time to come home,
this home we live in now is just a taste get in through your dome,
In heaven we'll treat our domes with heavenly combs,
never ending kingdom to search and roam

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