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Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Revelation 6:1-8:1

Part I

First Four Seals

Part II

Who Opens the Seals?
The First Seal
The Second Seal
The Third Seal
The Fourth Seal
The Fifth Seal
The Sixth Seal
The Seventh Seal

Part II

Who Opens and Reads the
Messages of the "Seven Seals?"

To understand the story of the "seven seals" we need to understand who is worthy to receive and open the "seven seals." No one was found worthy before Jesus to "open the book, and to loose the seals thereof."
At last the "the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof" (Revelation 5:5).

The "Lion of Judah" does not actually open the scroll. The metaphor changes. The "Lamb" who opens the seals, however, is the same person. Hence, it was to be opened to our Lord’s eyes, for he alone was worthy "to open the book" and "to look thereon." It is not our privilege to do so. However, the Lamb has invited the John Class to share some of the insights of what is contained on these scrolls.

We get a second-hand look at this sealed information through the angel showing it to John. Not because we are "worthy" to look thereon. The "worthy Lamb" has, in his mercy and kindness, allowed us a peek into these "sealed" mysteries.
We must always remember that this information was secured by the "worthy Lamb" at great cost to himself. He alone "is worthy." It is with great mercy and condescension on his part that we are given such information.
We must never forget this information was designed primarily for the "Lamb" himself. He was to look upon the "scrolls" and to be privy to the information contained therein. When he understands each "sealed" message, he then sends a message to the "angel" of each church.

Admittedly, the story of the "seven churches" precedes the story of the "seven seals" in the Revelation narration. In reality, however, Jesus opened each seal and received the information contained therein before he wrote to the angel of each "church."

Jesus cared for the saints in each period of the Church through a chosen angel or messenger.

It was necessary for Jesus to receive and understand the information on these "scrolls" so he could speak respecting the needs of each church. It was his responsibility to care for the saints in each period. He fulfills that responsibility by addressing each "church" through its angel.

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